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Keep It Real Outreach Inc. -  Reaching Real people,with Real issues, providing Real solutions

K.I.R.O. INC. founded in 2005,
is focused on providing authentic
high-quality service. We strive to provide real results to meet the need of each person.
We collaborate with profit and non-profit businesses such as other human service and youth serving organizations, including churches,  to provide a variety of resources for our clients.

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Current, On-going and Past Events

"Women Of Change" will facilitate  a free monthly Women's Coaching Program in Colorado Springs, CO. starting the 3rd Saturday in October  2015 ''The B.R.E.N.D.A. Project".

Our workshops will consist of guest speakers, activities, and open discussions. We seek to empower young adult women & women to build self-esteem, develop their highest potential, exercise leadership abilities, live up to their divine potential , and motivate each other to become more influential voices in their lives, families, and community.

Register today ! The registration fee of $25.00 is waived for the month of October! For more information please send an email inquiry including your phone number!

K.I.R.O.  Inc. is once again connected with O.R.Y. Women, Inc. in Colorado Springs!
Older Women Reaching Back for the Younger Women-"Older women...They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women" Titus 2:2,3 (ESV)

Taking It To The Streets" & Get It All Out Youth Summit  2012-2015 "
K.I.R.O. , Inc. and Jordan Outreach Ministries, partners since 2012. 
J.O.M. provides food, clothes, toiletries, and community resource
referrals to those who are less fortunate in Dallas, Texas.

K.I.R.O. , Inc. partnered with the Christian Women Coalition of Arlington, Texas. Whose mission is to service and help people,through active service in our community and abroad through our community networking program.

Dallas Leadership Foundation"Treasures of Hope Christmas Extravaganza"
  2012-2013 K.I.R.O. INC was a participating Agency who referred families to shop during this yearly program.  

Support our "2015-2016" Back 2 the Dorm Fundraiser" a program  providing care packs for low-income college freshman,  who will start class in the Fall, and Spring, semester!

Back 2 School Store
In Collaboration with the NCJW 2010 and 2011 “Back 2 School Store” our agency referred families to receive school supplies, new clothes, shoes, coats, and other much-needed items, for children ages 5 to 10.

Thanks to the "National Council of Jewish Women"- St. Louis Chapter!
 Breast CANCER Awareness !
 Dedicated to my grandmother, sister, and all cancer survivors!

    Get Ready for my  Upcoming Book of
                  Spiritual Poetry !

      To be released in December 2015!
TEXAS Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Service- D.A.R.S

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